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Am not able to login with the PRMB default password, any retired employees who are able to login with their CPF code in this new website ? 5 See All Reply
Circular section link under employee corner not working and unable to see all circulars. 3 See All Reply
Dear Sir, This is to bring to your kind notice that , Kindly help me due to corona Virus Our Family got affected On Our Daily income .After Demise of Husband we lost every thing. Now I am depending on My Son Income who running a Small Foot wear Shop. Due to Lockdown We are unable to get Daily income. In View, Kindly help me and Support me On Humanitrian Grounds. Thanking you sr 1 See All Reply
Hello Sir, My name is Krishna Rao ,am retired employee and my id is 10121D, while applying for PRMB, during password change, the system is saying invalid details, Pls let me know whom to reach , my DOB is 15/05/1958 0 See All Reply
Myself B.V.Guruvaiah, ex-employee of CWC and this is regarding my pension amount which is not getting credited to my account from February 2020. Could you please help me on this. My details are below Name : B.V.Guruvaiah CPF Code : 12474E Anniuty No: 011M0127143612 Date of leaving CWC : 03/02/2014 2 See All Reply
In the re-designed "PRM,B CIRCULARS" circular dt 26-3-20 although published in old site, now it is removed. pl look into and see it is included.. 2.in the old cwc site all circulars and guidelines were accessful to all now it is only for serving empoloyees only. why it is kept not accessful to all? in the case of FCI no such restriction and all are accessful to all/general public. why not CWEC? 2 See All Reply
CDR-1 0 See All Reply
Hi while logging in prmb portal its showing error as invalid details. Whom to contact . Pls help 0 See All Reply
My name is S D Sharma and retired as Asstt General Manager(Gen) way back in Dec,2010. I have gone through the new web site which has two sub web sites. I am using and seeing the old web site and found the older one very user friendly as compared to new one. In my opinion the new one is very complicated. When I was not able to see and use for login and submit my PRMB application online what talk about the staff working in remote Warehouses and even big cities. My suggestion is that the Management should review it in consultation of staff posted in field formation also and get feed back back from them. 0 See All Reply
Dear Team My PRMB form wrongly filled by mistake.Mistake done in form is listed below . My Spouse Name -Anita Srivastava D.O.B. -17/08/1963 1-In Place of Retired employees with spouse i have selected Only for retired employee without spouse by mistake. 2-Top-up Option NO Selected in Place of YES . So i just Want to re correct Details Again . Please Suggest Brs// Sunil Kumar Lal 0 See All Reply
Helo Sir/Madam I am unable to login into PRMB Employees Login. I tried to login with my deceased husband CPF code- 07753D with login password PRMB@123. I am able to login but on the next page its asking to change password and mention the DOB of deceased spouse. I mentioned mine and getting the error ' Details entered does not match with your profile ID.Contact Pension Cell admin. Please let me know how can I contact with support staff for this issue. As due to lockdown we are unable to reach them. Please share any phone support or email address I can able to submit my application. Thanks, Manju Bala 1 See All Reply
My PRMB application status found rejected due to wrongly mentioning of date of appointment. Unable to edit and resubmit. All fields are locked. 0 See All Reply
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PPS 0 See All Reply
I am retired on 31 Dec 2019. I applied for Medical insurance and also want to opt for TopUP. But it is not showing me option of topup on PRMB Portal. Please enable it. 1 See All Reply
Sir, I had been retired from service duringn9/2018, but the wage revision arrears is yet to receive from 1.1.2017. Pl expedite 0 See All Reply
WA-l 0 See All Reply
CHOWKIDAR Gr-1 0 See All Reply
While submitting details for Top Up, I could not fill amount Rs 11151 for 10 lakhs and thus was rejected by CWC. Again while resubmitting today there was some error. I request PRMB team to reject it as early as possible so that I can resubmit correctly. Please make some provision for editing also, off course with some restrictions. Thnx 0 See All Reply
While trying to change password after providing the D.O.B, default password of "PRMB@123" and the new password, the error message showed is : "Details entered does not match with your profile, Kindly contact to pension cell admin!" Please guide for next steps. 0 See All Reply
Limited Access to view the CPF account by respective Ex-Employees opting to retain their funds with CWC CPF Trust for stipulated period after their superannuation,may kindly be considered 0 See All Reply
The status of uploading of my PRMB application alongwith all requisite documents is being displayed as Pending even though the same was processed on 12/04/2020.How long does the admin.take to examine and change the status ? 0 See All Reply
The benefit of Pay Revision for C & D category w.e.f.01.01.2017 has not received by me till date as I have retired on 30.11.2017 as Jr Supdt. from CWC,RO, Kolkata.. SUDHI RANJAN MUKHERJEE EX.JR.SUPDT., CWC,RO, KOLKATA 0 See All Reply
As retired emplyoee i submitted PRMB application and approved also ..buit for topup option showed "NO" by default... no option given for change of the option ...but my father availed this topup service previous year .. no in approved application i not received Topup option ..how do i apply for topup 0 See All Reply
Ex.Jr.Superintendent 0 See All Reply
Sir, I,Sh.Sudhi Ranjan Mukherjee,Ex.Jr.Supdt.,CWC,RO, Kolkata have retired on 30.11.2017 has not received the Pay Revision benefit for C&D w.e.f. 01.01.2017 till date. Please let me know when I may receive the same. 0 See All Reply
hello, myself FARHED HUSSAIN JS CW medak RETIRED on 28-02-2019 IN HYD REGION As i forgot my hrms login credentials pls help me get it and wanted to know pay revisions status 0 See All Reply
I have retired on 12/2019 as supdt in chennai regn.final cpf amount not settled till date.pl.expedite.s.santhanam cpf code 10237G 0 See All Reply
My name is g.w.tarale ex.wag I, retired from c.w.Nagpur on 28-4-2018. I am lible for pay fixcetiom arriers from 1-1-2017. But not received till date any amount about arriers. Kindly look into the matter and take action under intimation to me. Thanking you. 1 See All Reply
Final cpf payment on retirement received.thank you 0 See All Reply
Final cpf payment on retirement received.thank you 0 See All Reply
DGM(F&A) 0 See All Reply
circulars relating to PRMB are uploaded from 1-7-19 only. Previous circiculars are not finding a place. Alternatively, access be given to view "circulars" section by the retired emeployees also since access is not available as in the case of previous site. all medical circulars issued in previous years/since inception to shall be uploaded in PR,MB CIRCULARS 0 See All Reply
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0 See All Reply
After downloading the Id card for the year 2020-21 issued by M/s Vipul Medcorp,it is observed that no Room Rent is mentioned in the card as previous practice.Resulting it will be difficult to identify the cadrewise entitlement at the time of admission in hospital for indoor treatment. Please clarify. 0 See All Reply
An amount of Rs. 23515/- found to have credited in my bank account with PNB.on 25/04/2020 .The payment/amount has been remitted by CWC.through NEFT mode.The detail of payment has not been communicated to me.It is requested that full detail of payment may please be communicated to me.Regards 0 See All Reply
i try to register on website for renew my mother medical policy but facing problem ... system told this epf cod already registered . i try to registered first time ..plz solve this issue 0 See All Reply
I have submitted my PRMB top up form two times,same is rejected two times. First time it was dur to enhancement of amount. But reason for second time rejection not made available. Reason may be informed. 0 See All Reply
I am retired employee of CWC. not able to login PRMB site with default provided password as PRMB@123. Please guide us how to proceed. 0 See All Reply
Email id of secretary PRMB 0 See All Reply
H.No.4-8/1, Gandhinagar West Rampally X Road, Post Nagaram, E C I L,Hyderabad 500083 0 See All Reply
CDR 1 0 See All Reply
My self retired on 31/10/2019 on Superannuation from Bangalore Region. The settlement of my pension is not received till date. The commuted amount is also not received. In response to my mail it was responded the pension would be settled by March 2020 Requested to communicate the sanction order for pension and release the commutated amount I have requested to permit to avail contributory Top Up for medical coverage. Kindly consider my request to enable me to apply before its due date. S.L.RAO PATNAIK EX S.I.O 01564D Retired on 31/10/2019 1 See All Reply
Accountant 0 See All Reply
My name is Rampal Verma. I have submitted the PRMB form. However instead of mentioning Name of Bank I have mentioned My name as I thought it was asking my name. Please suggest if the form will be declined or accepted. If it will be declined then please sent the conformation so that I may refill the form. 0 See All Reply
Does group C have leased accomodation? if it is there please provide circular. 0 See All Reply
Superintendent 0 See All Reply
Superintendent 0 See All Reply
I have remitted the premium amount of Rs.6018 for Top Coverage for 2020-21. The permission is accorded to submit the information through online. Kindly permit me 0 See All Reply
I have not received any communication regarding fixation of Pension. The Interst for the Year 2019-20 for pension accumulation as on 01/4/2019 and contyribution during the FY 2019-20 not accounted. Please add the interst part and release the same aslong with commuted amount and withhold amount of Rs.60000/- 0 See All Reply
i had sent my OPD medical reimbursement form for FY 2019-20 on 5th December 2019 vide speed post receipt no.ED434868666IN, but till date i had not received the reimbursment. kindly let me know to whom i will write or contact 0 See All Reply
I retired fromCWC on 31.122019.. application for pension submitted with optionfor purchase of annuity.policy no and LIC id no3361also provided to me. Neither pension nor any correspondence recd. In this regard.Expedite sanction of pension please. 0 See All Reply
Declaration form for OPD Medical Reimbursement for FY 2019-20 has been sent in 1st week of March,2020. The reimbursement amount of Rs 15,000 has not been credited to my bank account. I do understand that delayed because of COVID-19 lockdown. Request you to check & process my request on priority. I have not received OPD Reimbursement amount for previous two years also i.e FY 2018-19 & 2017-18 despite successful submission of documents, would request you to update me the status. Retired EMP I'd 06719J, V.V.S.S.N Murthy. 0 See All Reply
In spite of several request regarding the enrolement in CWC PRMB base policy for the year 2019-20 is still pending for approval&payment.I have submitted all necessary documentsto PRMB trust.please expedite payment for 2019-20 0 See All Reply
CDR-1 Dear sir, Iam Sura chennapa Reddy an retired employee . Iam not getting my pension since February. So please look into this issue. Please suggest a solution. Thanking you sir, SURA CHENNAPA REDDY 06963J PH.No: 9394160590 0 See All Reply
regarding pension....i submitted related documents through Regional Office on 13/3/2020 with the dispatch no.908. but pension trust office not taken any initiative step regarding my pension. I am begging sir, please solve this matter. please show kindness upon retired employees. jai kaali........ 0 See All Reply
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FCI issues Acknowledgement to millers for the consignment of 580 bags of CMR on quality acceptance by FCI TA after dumping on platfofom. But it is the rule of CWC to issue Acknowledgement only on stacking. So on which day should the acknowledgement be issued to Millers who supply rice to FCI in CWC godowns? is it on the date of quality acceptance by FCI TA or on the date of stacking inside the stack? As of now the CWC warehouses in many regions are issuing acknowledgements on date of acceptance of quality by FCI TA even though stacking might not take place on that day. But WMS doesnot allow this.This is the major issue in implementing live transactions in WMS in CMR receiving states. A circular with clear directions may be given to warehouses with after discussion with FCI. 0 See All Reply
Wage Revision arrear for Group C&D Category wef 1.1.2017 have already been received and differential amount of CPF have also been received, but the differential amount of Pension have not been received till date. Hence, let me know the actual status of the same please. 0 See All Reply
Dear all, I am unable to locate the internal circulars on Cewacor. Can anybody help me ..where can I see the latest circulars? Thanks 0 See All Reply
I am retired employee of CWC, My CPF code is 01822H, and my anuuity Number is 011M0318145653, Retirement Date = 31/10/2013 from Bhopal. I am not receiving pension from last few month, and i am already Submitted the certificate of existence many time, through Email, on LIC on Pension trust, still not response, local cwc office also unable to help. can any one suggest me what should i do ? 0 See All Reply
What are the reasons to withhold my pension ever since my retirement, inspite of clearance from the Vigilance Division during March 2020. 0 See All Reply
Sir my name is sannyasi Bhuiya i cannot login in the website my CPF code is 04316-H and my date of birth is 16/04/1955 how to login in the website please reply 0 See All Reply
I am not able to any update about my PRMB Form in "View PRMB FORM" that's why not able to fill Medical Reimbursement form. Please Help... 0 See All Reply
My name is S Kalaivani I retired on superannuation as SIO on 31.08.2013 from RO Chennai I am a single person, unmarried. My mother is totally depending on me. She is 85 years old. She is not having any income During my service at CWC I was allowed to include her in the Medical scheme . After my retirement I could not include my mother in the PRMB scheme as only spouses can be included in the scheme After my retirement I have to spend huge amount for her treatment It is my humble request to the CWC Management to allow me to include my mother in the PRMB scheme as I am unmarried person 0 See All Reply
Jr.Supdt 0 See All Reply
My PRMP on ln application accepted but so far it's IDENTIFY CARD code did not send, therefore I m unable to download I card, 2- My annuty documents accepted but pension awaited, 3 -retirement on 31-97-2020,I could not receive gratuity and leaves encashment amount. 0 See All Reply