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Finance Circular


Date Title
02.08.2019 Acounting of debtors written off towards compensation to depositors on account of storage losses/ transit losses /damages
01.07.2019 जीएसटी परिपत्र -15


GST Circular 15
05.04.2019 Monitoring of realisation of outstanding dues fro depositors.
01.04.2019 Debarment of M/s Universal Sompo Insurance Co. Ltd from participating in bids  for standard fire and special perils and other miscellaneous insurance policies for a period of two years
21.02.2019 GST Circular 12
21.02.2019 GST Circular 11
14.02.2019 TDS Certificate under section 197 (1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for the financial year 2018-19.
14.02.2019 Certificate u/s 197 of Income tax Act, 1961 for deduction of TDS at lower rate of 5 % on Storage & Warehousing Income u/s 1941 for FY - 2018-19
04.01.2019 GST Circular 14


GST Circular -13
02.11.2018 Employer contribution to pension fund financial year 2017-18
17.07.2018 Provisional Employer Contribution towards Superannuation Benefits , leave Benefits and LTC for financial Year 2018-19.
12.07.2018 GST FAQ - 7
28.05.2018 Accounts and records to be maintained under GST
06.04.2018 GST FAQ -6
05.04.2018 Declaration of proposed investment for the financial year 2018-19 for the calculation of proportionate tax and systematic deduction from the salary.
16.03.2018 Display of Registration Certificate and Goods and Services Tax Identification number on the name Board 
08.03.2018 GST Circular-10
08.02.2018 GST Circular -9  Corrigendum
30.01.2018  GST FAQ 5
29.01.2018  E-Way Bill
21.12.2017 Empanelment of State Bank of India for Corporate Salary Package.
15.12.2017 GST FAQs-4
21.11.2017 Tax deduction on Payment of CPF accumulated balance under regulation 15 of CWC EPF Regulations ,1962
01.11.2017 GST FAQs-3
17.10.2017 GST - Circular - 8  (Changes in GST vide various notification 13.10.2017)
17.10.2017 CIRCULAR - Employer Contribution to Pension fund for financial Year 2016-17
12.10.2017 Transfer of RTI application to the Trust received by CWC related to Pension Scheme .
12.10.2017 Deposition of voluntary contribution through respective Salary Disbursing Units towards respective Pension Fund Account 
06.10.2017 Payment of Productivity Linked Incentive (PLI) for the financial year 2016-17
29.09.2017 GST Circular - 7  (GST - Tax Deduction at source) 
19.09.2017 Declaration of rate of interest on CPf accumulation for the Financial Year 2016-17
14.09.2017 Circular 6 -- Issuance of final slips for the Financial Year -2016-2017
04.09.2017 Corrigendum_II   GST Circular No.1
25.08.2017 Circular No.5    --    Declaration of rate of interest on CPF accumulation for the Financial Year 2016-2017.
21.08.2017 GST FAQs-2
14.08.2017 GST Circular 6
08.08.2017 GST Circular 5
25.07.2017 GST Number (GSTN) Region Wise
21.07.2017 GST Circular 4
14.07.2017 Accounting Code for Separate accounting of ARMO Repair and Upgradation ofwork .. reg.
10.07.2017 GST Frequently asked questions.

GST Rates of various services offered by Central Warehousing Corporation

05.07.2017 Restructuring of Construction Cells, Warehouse, Training centre at Hapur and Guest Houses.
03.07.2017 GST Service Accounting Code for various services
03.07.2017 GST Circular 3
23.06.17 Submission of Nomination for CPF
  Allotment of CPF No. to the newly appointed employee of the Corporation
22.06.2017 GST CIRCULAR 2       (Revised annexure-III)       Corrigendum
15.06.2017 List of Region Wise GST NUMBER (GSTN) 
15.06.2017 GST CIRCULAR-1  Corrigendum   Corrigendum_II
12.06.2017  Forwarding of application for CPF withdrawal
12.06.2017 Provision of upto 90% withdrwal of CPF before one year of retirement on superannuation.
12.06.2017 The Central Warehousing Corporation Employee’s Provident Fund Regulations, 1962 (updated upto 31 May 2017)
12.05.2017 Procedure  for CPF Final settelment
01.05.2017  Circular # 1 (Instruction regarding Funds requisition)
01.05.2017  Accounts Circular # 12 (Creation of supplier master and payments entries through supplier's)
18.04.2017  Implementation of the payroll application of salary for the new Financial Year  2017-18.
17.04.2017 Employees investment declaration  online.
02.01.2017 Format for application for advance / Non-refundable withdrawal from CWC EPF Trust.
29.12.2016 Installation of POS machines and payment of petty claims in cash.
15.2.2016 Certificate u/s 197/195 for deduction of TDS at lower rate (5%)on storage & warehousing income u/s 1941 for FY 2016-17.
23.11.2016 Implementation of a new Payroll Application.
06.10.2016 Employer Contribution to Pension Fund for Financial Year 2015-16
19.09.2016 Voluntary Contribution of CPF
14.09.2016 Process of implementation of a new Payroll Application
23.05.2016 Accounting Code for Krishi Kalyan Cess.
28.04.2016 Accounting for Death Compensation      Circular 9 dated 08/04/2016
31.03.2016 Applicability of Service Tax on payment of establishment charges to Custom Staff under Reverse Charge Mechanism.
31.03.2016 Chargeability of Service Tax on Charges for Container Rail Operation
11.03.2016 Change in the service tax provisions as per Finance Bill, 2016.
01.12.2015 Accounting code for Swachh Bharat Cess. 
10.11.2015 Levy of Swachh Bharat Cess@ 0.5% of value of taxable services 
13.10.2015 Accounting for Provision of Employee benifits
28.08.2015 Availing Service Tax Abatement for Transportation (By Road) under category of GTA at CFS/ICDs.
24.07.2015 Certificate u/s 197 for deduction of TDS at lower rate on storage & warehousing income u/s 1941 for FY 2015-16.
30.06.2015 Non deducyion of TDS on Service Tax Portion shown separately.
25.06.2015 CENVAT CREDIT Rules 2004
09.06.2015 Accounting for Provision of Laptop to the officers of the corporation.
01.05.2015 Accounting for writing back of Provisions for Expenses/Liabilities created in earlier years.
13.04.2015 Accounting Policy, classification and depreciation on fixed assets.
31.03.2015 Chargeability of Service Tax on Charges for Container Rail Operations.
25.03.2015 Introduction of New Accounting Policies/Amendment in existing accounting polices and their impact on accounts of the year 2014-15
09.03.2015 Classification of expenses and treatment of Consumable items.
09.03.2015 Treatment for recovery of principal &interest on loan under Marriage Assistance Scheme.
09.03.2015 Changes in the Service Tax Provisions as per Finance Bill, 2015.
31.12.2015 Certificate u/s 197 for deduction of TDS at lower rate on storage & warehousing income u/s 1941 for FY 2014-15.         Certificate
14.10.2014 Availment of CENVAT Credit (Rule 6 of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004)
29.08.2014 Effective date of amendment in Negative List via Fiance Act 2014.
18.07.2014 Changes in the Service Tax Provisions as per Finance Bill, 2014
18.03.2014 Service Tax on Handling & Transportation service on the Rice for the period 01.07.2012 to 16.02.2014
17.02.2014 Chargeability of  Service Tax on Storage and Cargo Handling of Rice.
23.12.2013 Applicability of Service Tax on Construction of Warehouse for Storage of Agricultural Produce.
17.12.2013 Chargeability  and Deposit of Service Tax on Storage and Cargo Handling of Rice w.e.f 01.07.2012.
28.11.2013 Amendment in Rule 6(2) of Service Tax Rule, 1994.
27.11.2013 Amendment in Service Tax Registration Certificate by Construction Cell as Input Service Distributor.
11.10.2013 Clarification with regard to applicability of Service Tax on Storage & Handling of Seeds.
31.10.2013 Implications of Service Tax under different clauses in H&T Contracts.
29.10.2013 Frequently asked questions with regard to service tax provisions.
06.09.2013 Clarification on Deduction of Tax at source on Service Tax component u/s 194 of the Income Tax Act.
13.08.2013 Collection of TDS certificate and obtaining credit in 26AS
18.06.2013 Chargeability of Service Tax on Casual Labour supplied by Handling & Transport Contractor
31.05.2013 Compulsory quoting of PAN and Service Tax Registration Number
10.04.2013 Availment & utilisation of CENVAT Credit in respect of Expenditure incurred by CCs on ARMO & special repairs on behalf of ROs.
05.04.2013 Clarifications with regard to applicability of Service Tax on payment of establishment charges to custom staff under Reverse Charge Mechanism.
29.11.2012 Restoration of Service Specific Accounting Codes for payment of Service Tax. Annexure
16.11.2012 Tender Clause relating to Service Tax on Schedule of Rates(SORs),   Other terms and condition
16.10.2012 Submission of Quarterly Service Tax Return
11.10.2012 Changeability of Service Tax on the Storage and Handling of Rice stored by FCI and other Govt.Agencies.
18.09.2012 Frequently Asked Questions with regards to Changes in Service Tax.
18.09.2012 Changes in Service Tax Provision through Finance Act, 2012 affecting Construction Activities.
 09.08.2012 Amendments in Service Tax Laws through Finance Act, 2012
27.04.2012 Issuance of TDS Certificate in Form No. 16A downloaded from TIN Website mandatory for all Assessees
21.09.2011 Implementation of Point of Taxation Rule, 2011.
17.08.2011 Taxability of Employees in the year of Superannuation.
11.07.2011 Implementation of Point Oof Taxation oRule, 2011