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Inspection circular



Circular regd. Inspection note and format 

Inspection format   

Inspection procedure 

Inspection note -General Inspection

28.08.2019 राजभाषा हिंदी को बढ़ावा देने के किए जाने वाले कार्य
28.06.2019 परिपत्र -निरीक्षण
26.04.2019 Issue of Inspection Programme to the consultants working under jurisdiction of RM's
01.04.2019 परिपत्र -निरीक्षण
26.11.2018 Implementation of WMS -Role of inspecting Officer
05.10.2018 Circular regarding Inspection reports of the warehouses .
05.09.2018  Circular for the system of General Instruction
26.07.2017 circular - (Inspection Procedure)
29.06.2016 Inspection of Central Warehouses-guidelines for Inspection.
09.05.2016 Instruction/Guidelines regarding general Inspection
26.10.2015 Instruction regarding general Inspection
13.04.2015 Compliance of Procedures/Guidelines issued for warehousing operations at Central Warehouses.
11.02.2015 Completion of record/registers on day to day basis at the Warehouse.
28.11.2014 Instruction/circulars/Guidelines regarding general Inspection
Inter-region/squad inspection of the warehouse
07.05.2014 Instruction for IO
06.12.2013 Discrepancies during Inspection
22.11.2013 Inspection of Central Warehouses-guidelines for Inspection.
25.07.2013 Inspection of Central Warehouses
22.12.2010 Inspection of Central Warehouse - Norms, Procedures and points for guidance