Delhi Region

Scope Minar, Core-3, 1st Floor, Laxmi Nagar Distt. Centre, Delhi-110092 E-mail : rmdli[at]cewacor[dot]nic[dot]in Tel. No. 011- 22444370, 22444374 (Reception) Fax: 011-22444375


Govt. of India, vide notification dated 23rd March 1968 , entrusted additional responsibility to CWC to undertake Pest Control Services beyond its warehouses. Central Warehousing Corporation is ISO Certified under QMS , EMS & OHSAS . Scientific storage and handling services for more than 400 commodities include Agricultural produce, Industrial raw-materials, finished goods and variety of hygroscopic and perishable items.

Sh. Pawan kumarRegional Manager

01122444344, 01122444370, Fax: -22444375, 7838061442
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